2 Day ride thru the Mountains

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phil t.
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2 Day ride thru the Mountains

Postby phil t. » July 9th, 2016, 11:16 pm

2 day ride. Starting friday 7/15, o9ooam, from the 7/11 at Yolanda and Santa Rosa av.
Hwy's 29, 20, north on Marysville rd, left on Oregon Hill rd, and a right on LePorte/Quincy rd. into Quincy.
Hwy 70 down toward Oroville turning south on Cherrokee rd. and riding to the Gold Country Casino for the night.
Will stop in Colusa or Yuba City for lunch. Google says 7:40 hrs.travel time
Saturday 7/16, not too early, after coffee, ride back up to Quincy via hwy 162, Bucks Lake/Quincy hwy. for brunch.1:40 hrs.
Head east on hwy 70 thru Grey Eagle and Slattery and turning south on hwy 49 to Downieville to pick up a few cold ones.
Ride about 10 mi. down the road for a cool dip in the river at Jackson Hole. 1:40 hrs.
Hwy 49 and 174 to Coalfax, then a zig zag path into Arburn for a Foster Freeze milk shake.2:00 hrs
If the sun permits, a run down 49 and Salmon Falls rd to Folsom and hwy 50. 1:30hrs.
Hwy 50 or the Delta in the dark? Hwy 12 home.
Just thought I'd throw this out there.

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Re: 2 Day ride thru the Mountains

Postby wheels » July 14th, 2016, 11:16 pm

Looks like a good ride Phil, I'd join you but, have birthdays and anniversary's this week. We did the first part this ride on our way to Donner on the willow creek week. The pavement on 49 out of Downieville was motorcycle heaven.

phil t.
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Re: 2 Day ride thru the Mountains

Postby phil t. » July 17th, 2016, 9:02 pm

Yes! This whole route is moto nervania. I got a late start, 10am, so I slabbed it up 80 and 113 to Yuba City for lunch.
After 20 min. of Hwy 20 and Marysville rd the fun begins. I did take a detour to Oregon hill rd. and will tell you that this is a Adv bike rd.,sport bikes and crusiers steer clear. Anyway Marysville rd turns into Le Porte/Quincy hwy and is nothing but a HOOT! All the way up and over to hwy 70 this road RIPS! Turning west on 70 I head downhill thru the Feather River Canyon to Oroville.The road is fun but the views are spectacular.It's like riding thru you're favorite Lionel train layout with tracks running below you next to the river,tracks above, erector set bridges, and power/pump stations everywhere. I turn left on Cherokee rd and head for town. "Do this road". The casino was booked so I spent the night in a funky like hotel some where in town.
In the a.m. I go east on Hwy 162 up the east side of Lake Oroville. Once clear of the lake, the road turn into Bucks Lake rd, the traffic disappears (even though there's not much to speak of)and the road is clear for twisty fun. Like 70 mi. worth. I don't think there's a straightaway more than 20 yds. anywhere along this road. A quick lunch in Quincy and it's a 25 min. cruz east to Hwy 49.Heading south up and over the pass to Downieville I am once again leaning left to right over and over again. I stop 9 mi past Downieville at Jackson Hole for a cool dip in the Yuba River. Back on the road I turn east on hwy 174 to Coalfax and a zig zag path to the Foster Freeze in Auburn. (I prefer twisty back roads) I wish I had more time but I've gotta slab it home.

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Re: 2 Day ride thru the Mountains

Postby LQT SPLT » July 17th, 2016, 9:37 pm

Aw man, that sounds like such great fun! I had to slab it up to Auburn & back yesterday for family stuff and the traffic going up was horrendous!... coming back in the evening it had nicely thinned out though. Cheers; :donny:
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Re: 2 Day ride thru the Mountains

Postby Jim » September 9th, 2016, 10:38 pm

You know I shy away from Facebook because Jim's constant pics of his rides was depressing me.

Thanks for picking up the slack in that area here.

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