2015 Round 5 race report

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2015 Round 5 race report

Postby quietman » September 11th, 2015, 10:02 am

2015 AFM Round 5 race report
I’ve been riding at Sears Point for quite some time, since ’98, and I still learn something new every time I ride there. This weekend was no exception.
It started with Friday practice. My previous best time on the little Ninja was a 2:03 in the last race. I had done a 2:01 at a track day a few weeks ago. My goal was to get down to 2:00. Friday practice it is hard to get a clean lap, so I was going to just focus on a few corners. Turns 6, 7 and 11 were my main priority. That worked pretty well and at the end of the day I was able to get some clean laps that felt fast.
Saturday practice was a little cold in the morning, so the first two sessions were slow, but even throughout the day I was only able to get a 2:02. I’m glad I didn’t look at my times, because it would have just made me worry.
Saturday’s race was 350 production. I started in the #2 spot for the novices. There was some confusion with the waves and the Experts and novices had their own waves. This year we opted to leave with the experts, but in retrospect I like having our own stars, it makes for a better race.
I got and ok start, but missed the 2-3 shift and slotted into fourth place behind Gordon Pull. We had a great battle swapping positions a few times. He would get a better drive out of the corner, but I would get him back on the brakes. I just couldn’t find a way by him and finished .501 seconds adrift keeping 2nd in the points.
Sunday morning was cold again so I just used the morning practice to get my fuel level down and scout out the track.
First race was 250 production. I am leading the points in this series. This time we launch with the experts and Gordon and I charge three quarters the way through them I follow Gordon up to turn four where I make a pass on the inside. Unfortunately we get a red flag for an injured rider and head on into the pits. This gives me time to think about some strategy and calm myself.
The Restart race is now only going to be five laps instead of seven.
I get a great start and am in the mix of experts. I see Gordon go to the inside of turn two so I go to the outside. I pays off and I’m in second behind a KTM390. I try to get him going into seven, but he beats me to the apex. I get a glimpse of Gordon coming up my inside. I go under the KTM for the lead and hold the lead for the win! I also get a new personal best lap time of 1:59.31 for the fastest lap of the race and finished sixth overall.
Next race is 500 twins. The calls came quick and I am the last bike out for the warm up lap. I hammer down and find my grid spot next to Gordon who is leading the points over me by 11.
I get another great start and am in second place with Gordon and Kalle behind me. Kelly is on the pit wall giving me signals and for four laps Gordon is one second behind me. I have three experts in front of me that are holding me up, felling the pressure to try something I get a run on one of them entering turn three. Turn three goes downhill and then up creating a compression point in the transition. Right at that point the rider moves over slightly causing me to change my line and also cut the throttle in an effort to get back in line. I proved to be too much for the front tire and I crashed out of the race. A first for me and my first crash in six years. I was a gentle slide and I had no injuries. My Safermoto airbag vest deployed and did it job.
The bike wasn’t too bad, but I couldn’t get it into gear to get back to the pits for repairs so it had to stay there. I opted to get back to the pits so Kelly wouldn’t worry for too long, so I jogged back until I got a ride from Joe Salas of 4theriders photography. (Thanks Joe).
Without my bike I wasn’t able to compete in 250superbike. I am now third in the points in those two series
I would like to thank those who support me in my passion
Bridgestone tires, DaveMossTuning, RacefuelZ, ReplayxD, AXO, Lucas oil, Shoria Batteries, FactoryPro, Matrix Products, Bell Helmets, HookIT
More importantly. My wife Kelly and my family and friends.
Thanks, Steve Driscoll
AFM #667
AFM #667
Thanks to those who support my racing: Bell Helmets, Shoria Batteries, Dave Moss tuning, Replayxd, Lucas oil, AXO, Matrix concepts,Yoshimura Exhaust, Bridgstone tires

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