No flaming. It's not constructive or helpful

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No flaming. It's not constructive or helpful

Postby Admin » January 17th, 2011, 10:31 am

This site was about many things... I would say the most dominant themes are:

* Increasing your riding skill on the street and on the track
* Fostering a community that is local and close
* Providing a safe group to ride with
* Sharing lessons learned with new riders to hopefully steer them in a responsible direction
* Sharing information to help out with decisions around repairs, accessories, performance enhancements, and of course... bling

One of the things that we wanted to differentiate ourselves from BARF on were things like avoiding Squid like attitudes, and the constant flaming. I believe that the level of flaming, if it existed at all over at NBSR, was an acceptable level.

Just to let you know, if at any time I feel this site, a thread or a post has become the result of the Flaming Assh*les, I will pull the plug on this site, thread, or post (maybe just the user)... and someone can go open another one. I hope everyone can respect this policy and help support it. I'm sure it will help us maintain a civilized, friendly, helpful, supportive, and useful site now and in the future.

Thanks for your support,

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